A team uniform signifies a lot about a team. It signifies their identity aside from their names. Whether it is for a professional or recreational level, there are numerous factors to an athlete’s success. A strong sense of team identity and spirit is just as important as talent, fitness and determination of the players and coaches. Tailor made team wear are one of the oldest and best way to establish team spirit. These could include matching athletic t-shirts, warm up clothes, sweatpants, hoodies, and the like.

Tailor made team wear are the easiest way to boost the confidence and attitude of the players. Keep reading and we will tell you some interesting facts about tailor made team wear.


FACT #1: It boosts a player and teams’ self-esteem.

You can always wear what is comfortable and suits your style, but it is undeniable that a well fitted and color-coordinated custom sportswear can provide a much-needed boost in comfort and self-image. Confidence and a sense of team spirit is magnified through matching gears. It provides a sense of belonginess and being part of something bigger.

FACT #2: Designed for performance.

In sports, attire is designed with a purpose in mind. The evolution of sportswear has come along way since its first creation. We have now designed and specified different garments and patters to provide real-world benefits to create world class athletes. Tailor made team wear are the best option for custom made apparels or uniforms for team who wants to compete at a higher level.

FACT #3: Shows unity of players and fans.

Fans anywhere in world would rally behind the team they support based on the teams’ colors and logos. This is the best way to unify all individuals that make up a team. Tailor made team wear give players a collective identity and a sense of camaraderie. Wearing a team apparel that uses the team colors, design and logo is the most visible and effective way to express team spirit.

FACT #4: Provides a sense of pride.

Sports teams and athletes should take pride in their achievements, talent, and what they represent. And tailor made team wear is a good way tap into an athlete’s sense of pride -it’s a reminder that their victories are also shared by the team, school, city or country that they represent.

FACT #5: Provides better visibility.

The most practical benefit of wearing tailor made team wear is to easily recognize their teammate on the playing field. These are very important especially in games like basketball, football or any team sports that require contact and segregation. By easily recognizing each other, the team can work together on a higher level. It also helps decrease mistakes and miscommunication between players. Custom made uniforms are also beneficial for a player’s individual identity since their names and numbers are printed on the back.



You can always ask anyone in your family, relatives or friends that have recently had tailor made team wear and ask them to share their honest opinion about the company that they chose. Note down the name of companies they recommend and schedule an appointment with them for further discussion. You also go through local business listings on platforms on social media or yellow pages and read the reviews from their previous clients, this will give you an insight on how well they treat their clients, how they do their work and how good services they provide. Jot down the list of the highest-rated companies and do well-research before calling and hiring them.


Since almost everything can now obtain through the internet, it is easy to determine which companies are good and bad by simply reading reviews on their official website. Streetwear manufacturers Australia often has client reviews or testimonials up on their page as a reference for potential clients. Be sure you work with a client that has had a long and positive track record to ensure the success of your uniforms.


It is important that good communication is established between you and the manufacturer to ensure that your vision is well translated into the finished product. Choose a mode of communication that works well for both of you, be it phone calls, emails, or weekly meetings, to give you time to get caught up with each other as it progresses. You ensure that both of you are on the same page throughout the durations of the creation by doing so.


Here at SRL Sports, we are expert in custom team wear and tailored made team wear. We make sure that every product we create for our clients are of top-quality and the materials used as well. We put emphasis of comfortability and function to make sure that every athlete can perform on their best capacity without the apparels being a hindrance to it. If you would like to know more, explore our official website or contact us so we can answer your questions directly.

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