Showcase your brand, highlight your logo, flaunt your team spirit, or boast your school colours with our high quality, reasonably priced, custom varsity jackets.

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Custom Varsity Jackets: The outerwear of winners

May you be a company looking to highlight your brand in a more creative way, or a team wanting to showcase your unity in more ways than one, or a group of school leavers wanting a keepsake of your schooldays- we got you.  We create varsity jackets that are not only fully customisable, but more importantly -of best quality to boot.

Our templates can be used and tweaked according to your colours and we can include your logos too! Some of previous works are HERE. If you’re not 100% sold on the sample templates above, no problem! We can custom make the jackets based on your design instructions.

What more- we can add patchwork/embroidery to bring your jacket game into a whole new level. Consider adding embroidery or patchwork to your custom varsity jackets. Check out this page right HERE! 

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