Our custom sports bras are designed not only for maximum support, ease and comfort, but also for the best visual impact on your next trip to the gym or your next planned fitness activity.

Size Chart

Custom Sports bra size chart

Custom Sports Bra for Reliability and Support

What you wear can make or break your workout. We understand that it is important that you feel both comfortable and well-supported as you exercise. We use Spandex Fabric 250 to 280 GSM to ensure the best quality and flexibility.

With our collection of custom sports bras, you will find something that suits your running exercise or other imperative sports. Every time Australian clients look for a new sports bra, SRL Sports ensures they are satisfied with their customised clothing requests, taking into account the type of exercise they intend to do.

We can custom make your group’s sports bra for your next run, dance, yoga session, cyling, or workout. Choose from our wide range of pre-designed templates or custom make them according to your team’s colours. You can also complete your look with matching leggings or caps.  If you got your own design, we can do them for you exactly as what you have envisioned. Please feel free to contact us. We would love to discuss this further with you.

Comfortable Custom Sports Bra

Everyone gets active during endurance training, regardless of chest size. Thus, while jogging or exercising, any woman, whatever her size, should wear a sports bra. As its name implies, compression bras limit movements by pushing the breasts against the chest. Sports bras should fit snugly but not too tightly. They should work tighter than regular bras but still allow you to breathe.

No matter what physical activity you are into, whether it is yoga/pilates, zumba, running, gym workouts or any exercise your club members enjoy, we offer a custom sports bra made specifically for you. Depending on the intensity level, we have various sports bras that will meet your demands.

Whenever you need a new custom sports bra for your next workout, don’t hesitate to contact us so we can assist you in crafting the ultimate exercise suit for you and creating the fantastic designs you have in mind. Let’s expand the range of your movements to their full potential. Shop now!

Durable Sports Bra Custom Made in Australia

High-support sports bras are made to support your chest in all directions. The right sports bra can improve your performance and enjoyment of exercise by reducing chest discomfort and other distractions. A supportive and comfy sports bra can significantly improve your strength training. But knowing how to choose a custom sports bra is key to finding the right fit in the style that works for your workout.

As one of the leading clothing manufacturers in Australia, SRL Sports constantly guarantees to expertly design and produce the best custom sports bra that you deserve. You won’t get too overheated while exercising because our sports bras are breathable and temperature-regulating. Additionally, the fabric offers UV protection, which is beneficial for protecting your skin when exercising outside. You receive twice as many advantages because our custom sports bras are layered with outstanding and flexible materials.

When you get to wear your desired sports bra, you’ll expect a fulfilling exercise routine. Thanks to the premium, long-lasting and flexible sports fabric materials, SRL Sports gives all Australian clients the best quality of care, making them feel comfortable. With our selection of customisable sportswear options, you can create a sports bra you wouldn’t find in a store. Using our extensive templates, create your own sports bra while selecting the binding and embroidery colours.

Stylish Custom Sports Bra Made Just For You

There are a startling number of sports bras available, each with what seems to be features tailored to particular bust size and activity. A poorly fitting sports bra can irritate, be unable to keep you in place or feel restricting across your ribcage. Choosing a sports bra can be difficult, but finding the perfect one is critical to enjoying your workout and performing at your best.

Your cup size and your exercise will determine how much support you require. SRL Sports is the right place to find the stylish and ultimate sports bra that fits snugly while allowing for effortless mobility. If you want something a little different than the typical basic sports bras, our bespoke sports bra for women is perfect and matches your style and needs. You can customise it by adding text and graphics to create a unique sports bra that you won’t find anywhere else.

At SRL Sports, we have a huge selection of clothing for all kinds of activities, so it is sure to find whatever you’re searching for. Our personalised sports bras are designed to provide the best possible support and ease while performing an activity. Any woman can look stunning wearing our racerback cut and form-fitting stretch-fit sports bras. Get in touch with us today to design your own sports bra, team outfits, yoga class or marathon organisation, and workout in style!