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Marketing and promoting a business through custom company shirts have been effective in growing one’s business. These days, there are many products a brand can choose to put their logo in and show to the public. May they be keyrings, lapel pins, badges, and other promotional items, businesses surely invest in this type of marketing. A popular no-fail item that one can customize is a T-shirt or polo shirt. It has been found to be an effective way in building brand awareness and increasing sales.

In this post, we share to you how you can promote your business through custom shirts.

Let your employees wear your custom tees every wash day/Friday.

One can build brand awareness when the staff or employees themselves wear the custom t-shirts on a regular work day. Especially when you’re working in an office where clients and customers come in and out, and where the staff directly interacts with them, then it’s effective to have the employees wear the company shirts to make the brand more visible. Clients will regularly notice and see these shirts thus effectively increasing visibility of the brand to the public.

Use them during company events.

Company events are a great venue for showing off your custom company shirts. Rather than letting your team wear anything freely during these events, all of you should still look coordinated and united by wearing custom t-shirts with your brand logo and theme. This will pose a good impression to the public and will help your brand build a good reputation as well.

Give them away as freebies to the attendees of your event.

Show your appreciation to your guests by giving away freebies, and custom company shirts are great items to be given away. Rather than leaving your attendees empty handed, make them happy by giving gifts that they can take home (and wear). This will surely make them the happiest and will surely convince them to like your brand.

Send them to your loyal clients.

If you have a mailing list of your dear clients, you can also show your gratitude by rewarding them and sending them of your custom shirts shirts. Special seasons or holidays (like Christmas), are perfect times for you to surprise them. This is a great way to maintain your relationship and trust with your clients and customers.

Sell them as company merch.

If your budget is tight, you can instead sell your company shirts to the public. This way, you not only promote your business and build brand awareness, but you also develop other ways in gaining profit for your business.

Custom Company Shirts from SRLSPORTS

If you need custom t-shirts for your brand, you can contact Srlsports and we can create the custom tees you have envisioned. We have premade templates you can choose from, and we also fully customize the shirts to however you like them. Simply send your design/requirements here.

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