custom esports apparel


Esports has gained a cult following in recent years. Gamers and gaming fans look forward to the biggest tournaments where teams engage in heated battles without leaving their seats. You will see players competing against each other while proudly wearing their custom design sportswear to represent their team. These custom team wear lets players represent their teams with pride and boost their drive to win.




Even gamers break a sweat when facing difficult opponents. Gaming competitions require immense focus to bag that win. Sitting for hours while being challenged mentally may leave you with discomfort that could lead to getting distracted. Wearing custom sports clothing that is suited for this sport is needed to stay cool and dry in every game. Your custom esports apparel should be comfortable to wear for long periods, and must be fully customizable with your team’s logo and colors.




Custom hoodies are stylish custom esports apparel that can be worn by your team on and off tournaments. These garments are comfortable to wear and can provide warmth in the colder season. Not to mention, hoodies are a favorite among the younger generation – the major population of gamers and gaming fans. Your team supporters would definitely take interest in showing off their favorite team with custom hoodies.




Another hip accessory to add to your gaming custom esports apparel are caps. Custom caps are trendy and stylish more than anything else. Your team can wear these custom caps wherever they go and pair them with any outfit. These are also easy to give away to fans and supporters to keep the team spirit alive!


Srlsports has everything you need to complete your custom design sportswear for your gaming team. From jerseys, hoodies, to shirts, you can work with us to create your custom esports apparel using our templates or any custom design you like. Contact us and start gaming in style!