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Colors have been said to affect a person’s mood and emotion, as each color has its own unique psychological effect. When it comes to sports, the color of the team’s custom sports uniforms is said to have a significant impact to the success of the team.

There is a reason why red is a common color choice not just in the realm of sports, but also in the food industry. Many fastfood chains and restaurants’s brand logos and décor are mostly red, which grabs attention and, as studies would say, increases appetite as well. In sports, red is viewed as masculine and powerful, naturally affecting the psychological responses of the team players. Studies have also been made to prove how colors affect the success of a team and they found out that between red and blue, higher instances of winning are seen in the red team.

On the other hand, comfort and coolness are often the characteristics of the color blue. We can also say that it is total opposite to the color red, as blue is known to suppress appetite. This may have an impact on the overall mood and energy one plays while wearing a blue jersey.

Meanwhile, the color black also connotes a strong sense of aggression often correlating to victory, but is also deemed to come with wickedness and malevolence. This is why many would consider the color of the team uniforms they get as it may influence the overall results of the game.

All these findings may have proven that colors indeed impact the success of a sports team, however, at the end of the day, it is all entirely up to you to choose the color your team best portraits. While these studies and findings, superstitious or scientific, may have certain impacts to sports team, undeniably the right attitude, skills, and performance will surely beat any opposing team heading towards you.

Custom Sports Uniforms from SRLSports

If you need a good partner to get your team’s custom sports uniform, then you have come to the right place. All you need is to provide us with your teams logos and colors and we’ll do the rest! Contact us now to get started!

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