Custom sportswear not only improves performance but also boosts self-confidence when executing your plays either as an athlete, commentator or as a fan.

It’s always exciting when your custom sports attire is trendy and cool to look at. Much so, when it contains aesthetic colors and eye-catching designs that strike the hearts of sports fanatics.

Custom sportswear isn’t merely designed for its physical features but it is also built according to its functionality. You can’t be wearing baggy basketball shorts in a swimming competition just as much as you can’t wear tight-fitting clothes in esports tournaments.

Sports attires serve their purpose by displaying a team’s identity, providing entertainment, and most of all, giving a soothing effect to the wearer thereby amplifying the team’s chances of exhibiting a high-quality performance.

Custom Sportswear

Custom sportswear is just as important as the performance of the athletes or fans themselves. They speak about one’s identity, teamwork, and sportsmanship. They also show your passion as a fan when you support your favorite teams through customised sportswear.

If you’re looking for unique designs dedicated to your custom team wear apparel, then our company is the right place to be.

Check out these amazing custom sportswear designs that are a timeless fit for you and your team:

Custom Soccer Apparels

custom sportswear

Soccer teams are already in their full-throttle just like many other summer sports league. This means the competition is on, not only for the sports itself but for the uniforms too— soccer uniforms for athletes and fans alike.

Create modern and simplistic soccer-themed apparel with t-shirts. Sleeveless t-shirts always sell during tournaments. They’re comfy and refreshing when worn while cheering under the scorching heat of the sun.

Another design is when the sports symbols are already in one package creating that perfect tournament look. The design involves the shield, net, and soccer ball graphics along with the texts where you place the name of the tournament, team, and the year to commemorate.

If you want to ramp up your design either for customers or sports teams, then contact us at SRL sports so we can get started with your design right away.


Custom Running Apparels

custom sportswear

Custom running apparel is clothes designed exclusively for running. This uniform has matching tops and bottoms built for a comfortable feel while running.

The designs for this specific garment can vary. There are sleeved and sleeveless shirts worn on the upper half of the body during summer or sweatshirts and hoodies during winter.

The design for the bottom part could be simple shorts or tights. There are no strict rules when designing running garments however vital factors must be considered.

This includes utilising polyester fabric to control moisture and protect you from excessive sun exposure; ensuring a brightly colored garment so the runner is visible on the road; reflective strips may be integrated to heighten night visibility, and assuring that the apparel is a perfect fit— that it’s neither too tight nor too loose.


Custom Basketball Apparels

custom sportswear

Playing basketball is one of the most common games people play all over the world. You can play it anywhere so long as there is a rim and a ball.

Having custom basketball apparel will not only add spice to your house games and relationship with friends but also proffers safety built designs to prevent further injuries.

This also proves true to basketball players who are athletes themselves. Basketball competitions add hype to the fans. This is why customised basketball varsities are great investments. You can enjoy more and show support to your favored team.

Jerseys are the most popular type of garment in basketball. They’re usually unisex, lightweight, thin, and customisable.

Undershirt designs where you show off a bunch of basketball-related graphics and numbers are another thing. They are not only for decorative purposes but for practicality too. Other players prefer undershirts to prevent sticky feelings on their uniforms when they sweat.

Undershorts and tights may not be visible but they’re an integral part of sports. They’re customisable but most of all, they help players alleviate muscle strains ‘down there’.

Basketball t-shirts and shorts are the final outfits for this sport. There are the trademarked garments worn by players and fans alike. The designs for this type of garment are endless. So if you’re looking for creative and awesome designs for your team’s brand, contact us at SRL Sports and we’ll surely deliver.


Esports Custom Apparel

With technological advancements, Esports have begun to increasingly rise to fame as well. It is an unarguable fact that a plurality of people has resorted to online games and competitions from the usual physical sports activities.

Call of Duty, Mobile Legends Bang Bang, Fortnite, Dota, League of Legends, etc. is some of the games that hold competitions in the local, national, and global arena.

It is to be expected that uniforms or esports apparel are paving the way to provide powerful teams the identity and influence they emanate in the online world.

Jerseys, t-shirts, shorts, and accessories are items that allow designs to prosper. What’s great about designing esports garments is its wide application for creativity to shine through.

Apply your team’s logo, signature line, and famed IGN (in-game name) — the freedom to incorporate these into your custom apparel is just immense!

Aside from these team player sportswear attires, you can also purchase fanwear apparel. If you fancy integrating the photos of your favorite hero or character in an online game, you can do so.


The Bottom Line

There are a lot more custom sportswear designs you can find everywhere. Whether you want a design exclusively built for soccer, running, basketball, or esports events— our company got all of that covered.

When translating designs into a reality, we make sure that it isn’t only remarkable for its cool external features but it’s also safe, durable, and comfortable to wear.

Quality, efficiency, effectiveness, and functionality are the factors we always consider to provide you a product that sees your money’s worth.