A team can be unique through various things like the team’s name, the same apparels they use but nothing is more obvious than a team’s jersey. Through out time, jerseys have improved. From the materials, production and even its application and function. History tells us that jerseys are only worn by athletes during the Olympics game. From simple cotton shirt to top-quality fabrics, jerseys are now the modern than ever. But to standout even more, teams are now opting for custom made jerseys.

Customization is now the first option when someone wants something to be done. It is more unique and will 100% make you standout from the rest. Custom sportswear is now important for teams especially for international level games as apparels are made to make sure they fit, players are comfortable with it and some even are customize strategically and technically to improve the performance of some athletes.


According to Meririam-Webster, jersey refers to: “Jersey: a plain welf-knitted fabric made of wool, cotton, nylon, rayon, or silk and used specifically for clothing”. Traditionally, the word “jersey” is referred to as an item of knitted clothing, usually made from wool or cotton. Materials like worsted wool yarn (which was also used to make coats) were the materials used to make early jerseys.

Modern athletes would rather wear clothing during competition although the ancient Greek preferred to compete in the Olympics in the nude. Since the 19th century, sports clothing and sports apparel has changed significantly.

Cotton shirts replaced the gray linen clothing worn by the first gymnasts by the end of 19th century, and with the advent of team sports, it was important to be able to differentiate between the players. To easily differentiate one from another, athletes shirts were dyed various colors and club crests and player number were sewn on to the shirts.

During the first summer Olympics held in Athens in 1896, there were no clothing regulations placed but during the 1908 summer Olympics held in London, uniform regulations for all participants were hung in every locker room which from then on continued the development of specialized clothing for athletes.

Sports jersey were made mainly of cotton or wool jersey, a soft, stretchy knit fabric until after the World War II, thus where the word “jersey” comes from. In 1916, Coco Chanel popularized this textile for outwear.

From the 1930’s to 1960’s, the development of synthetic fibers like nylon, polyester, and elastane (also called spandex or lycra) changed the textile industry and thus athletic clothing. Tight-fitting, elastic jersey made form elastane and polyester were worn by top athletes in the 1970’s. Stretchy, synthetic, shiny fabrics were also very popular outside the world if sports during this time period. Textile research over the last four decades has focused on optimizing the properties if these textiles for sportswear to make the first synthetic fibers more comfortable to wear.

Today, jerseys are printed using modern technology. The most popular technique to use, especially for custom made jerseys, is sublimation where a specific process of printing first involves printing on a special sheet of paper then transferring onto another materials. The ink is then heated until it disintegrates into the fabric. Features such as comfort, robustness, and moisture wicking are essential to high-quality sports jersey today and that’s what SLR Sports are expert in.


1. Being valued

The ideal way to forge a strong team identity is to customize or personalize the design of your team’s jerseys. Most effective and simplest way to start is by drawing inspiration from your team name. your jersey design can bring this team name into reality. There is no bad choice when you are customizing a uniform for your team. The great part about it is that everyone gets to have their own personal input on the final product, just as everyone plays a role on the team. Putting on the newly custom made jerseys for the first time will feel a strong sense of team identity.

2. Functionality

Functionalization is a prime aspect of sportswear. Making sure the apparel that they are using does not constrict them from movement or become a hindrance in their performance is a mandatory. These also applies to every apparel an athlete uses, from warm-up sweatshirts to socks and other sports accessories they need to use. Logo sizes, numbers, font size of names and numbers are all pre-determined and are mandatory to be followed.

3. Motivation

Motivation is the very spirit of every player. Representing your school, university, state or country gives them a sense of pride and privilege, boosts confidence and give their best to win. It motivates them to perform better, not just for themselves but, for the whole group.

4. Memorable

choosing the same 5 color patterns and team names when designing the jerseys will have an effect of making the team invisible, unremarkable, and unmemorable. Nobody is going to be drawn to watch your team play unless they already know something about them. Custom made jerseys can attract a lot of attention for your team or club. Some people might even be influenced to join your team and many will at least be curios to learn more. Though popularity does not directly give you more points in the game, it certainly does not hurt you by attracting top talent and raising your team’s profile.

5. Equality

The golden rule of a Team sport is “No team match is won alone”. The team is above each individual and the uniform helps invigorate that belief, irrespective of who they are and where they come from as an individual. It helps reduce prejudices that people might have which positively affects the performance of the team.


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