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Unless you’re only running to the grocery store, you would probably need to consider the right custom cycling clothing set if you plan to add cycling to your list of sports activities. In every weather condition, wearing the right cycling gears and accessories is important to have a good riding experience. Here we share 5 basic cycling clothing to start your list:

Cycling Jerseys

Keep warm and comfortable in a form-fitting jersey that wicks away sweat to continuously keep you dry. Cycling jerseys usually have a stand-up collar to keep your neck warm in cold seasons, and to protect from the heat during summer. The sleeves should also be shaped specifically for forward-leans. You could also opt for a jersey with front zipper to give you ventilation when it gets too hot.

Cycling Shorts

Cycling shorts are extra stretchy to give you full comfort as you paddle, and have a padded crotch liner to help cushion bumps and avoid too much friction. There are quite a number of padding styles to choose from; it is best to make sure you try on the varieties in order to get the suitable padding shape to your structure. For women, you may also opt for cycling skorts.

Cycling Tights

For cooler temperature, you may opt for cycling tights that would cover your entire legs. They are usually thicker as well so they keep you warm. Three quarter leggings are also available which are more popular to women.

Arm and Leg Warmers

Additionally, if you are quite unsure of the temperature or weather, you can choose to wear arm and leg warmers with your short sleeve jerseys and shorts to give you coverage only when you need it. You can easily remove them and stuff them to your pockets when it gets warmer.


Use thin, sweat-wicking socks with paddings on the sole. It’s important to choose this type of fabric in in hot seasons as your feet would perspire a lot when cycling. For colder seasons, opt for wool socks to give you warmth.

Cycling Clothing from SRLSports

If you need custom cycling sets for your team or personal use, hit us up with your preferred design or concept. We will get back to you ASAP with a free cycling mockup and a quote for your review. All you need to do is approved, purchase, then wait for your uniform.

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