Your custom sportswear are not just for show. Having your own customized logos and colors speak of your team’s identity and unity as a group. It is not just for the cheering audience but for every member of the team. Unlike your regular daily activities, engaging in sports means more movement, outdoor exposure, and the hitch dealt by every athlete – sweat. To stay in optimum performance, players and fitness junkies also take the fabrics used for their custom sports clothing into consideration. 



Cotton has been a less popular option due to its slow sweat absorption. However, it prevails when it comes to preventing odors and supporting breathability. Besides giving you a comfortable sweat session, it is generally cheap. It makes for a great canvass for designing your custom sports uniforms. Cotton remains as the most popular type of clothing material in the world. 



Nylon is a fabric that’s commonly used to make women’s stockings. It has now become a staple as a custom sports attire for runners thanks to its silk-like texture and quick-drying abilities. Casual joggers and sprinters alike prefer custom design sportswear with nylon as one of the predominant materials for its durability and stretch capacity. It allows them to go for that extra mile. 



Polyester is another common material for custom team wear. It is basically plastic in fabric form, giving it similar characteristics as with your grocery bags. It is lightweight, non-absorbent, durable, and wrinkle-free. Because of its non-absorbent feature, the moisture it does collect does not dry out quickly. This makes your clothes a likely spot for bacterial growth. Hence, the common problem with custom basketball jerseys and other team sports uniforms is lack of odor resistance. But still, affordability and durability in any weather help polyester remain at the top.



Wool is the only material on this list that is for the cold weather. It works both ways when worn by snowboarding or skiing enthusiasts by both performing insulation and keeping the cold out. Custom design sportswear made of wool may seem too baggy at first glance. But they are incredibly lightweight and, surprisingly, odorless. 



After choosing your ideal material and creating your design for custom sports clothing, we are ready to listen to your ideas and put them into your fabric! Order your sports uniforms in bulk now and share camaraderie with the whole team.