custom jerseys

Since the 19th century, the history of custom jerseys has drastically changed. From the materials and fabric used to the design and ways on how these uniforms are produced, sportswear has become entirely different compared to its early stages. If you are interested in knowing how sports jerseys evolved have become known to us now, then read on.

The word “jersey” refers to an item of clothing used in sports by a team member. It usually shows off the member’s team name, number and logo.

Before the 19th century, athletes did not wear uniforms and wore different clothing during the Olympics. There was no rule or a single regulation about uniforms. But with the need to differentiate the teams during a game, it was decided to use some colors and assign different colors per team, and to sew on the player numbers on to the shirts.

In 1908, uniform regulations were developed for all participants and they were told sleeved jerseys and loose drawers to their knees and that no athlete shall be allowed to compete unless properly attired. In addition, their individual assigned numbers shall be placed in front and at the back of their jerseys.

It was not only the design of the sports wear jersey that had evolved, but also the materials and fabric used. Synthetic fibers such as nylon, elastane and polyester were the first types used to make jerseys as they were light and elastic, until they evolved into using stretchy and synthetic fibers and the popular kinds we all recognize to be the ones used for custom jerseys nowadays.

Today, jerseys have become easier to manufacture with the help of modern technology. Instead of sewing the team name and team numbers unto the clothing, they are now being printed instead. Designs have as well evolved and we can choose to be more creative, in fact make up an entirely unique design that best represents our sports team.


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