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The process of purchasing a custom made basketball jerseys for yourself or designing and ordering one for your team can be time-consuming, especially if you are doing it for the first time. If you need to make changes to the design, the procedure might rapidly become overwhelming. That is why SRL Sports is here to help you!

With us, you will no longer be concerned about whether you created the appropriate design because we can complete the task for you. Simply speak with us about your requirements and desires, and voilà, you have your custom basketball jersey.

Learn from SRL Sports: Tips on Buying Customisable Basketball Jerseys

If you play basketball, you know that it is a dynamic sport, and when it comes to basketball jerseys, you should avoid settling for any jersey that you find at random at any random clothes store. Custom basketball jerseys can be beneficial in terms of achieving peak performance during a game.

Consider the following list of factors before making your purchase:

Be Cost-Effective

There is a common misconception that customisable basketball jerseys are expensive investments. You simply must be selective and astute enough to select high-quality options, and you will find that custom team wear is a cost-effective option. Always stick to a strict budget and avoid opting for the lowest solutions at all costs. Choosing the cheapest choice may turn out to be a very expensive one. When it comes to selecting the most cost-effective options, you must be as efficient as possible in terms of cost while maintaining high quality.

Check for Quality

When selecting custom team uniforms for your athletes, you want to make certain that they are made of the highest-quality materials available on the market today. To maintain professional quality, the company must adhere to the same standards as semi-pro league and collegiate clubs. Exceptional fabrics are used to create this level of sportswear, which is also distinguished by its intricate designs.

Due to the sheer high cost of professional-quality products, some teams are unwilling to invest. However, it is still possible to find basketball jerseys makers that provide high-quality customisable basketball jerseys at a cost-competitive price.

Check for the Material

When choosing customisable basketball jerseys, lighter fabrics are a smart choice. These types of fabrics help to keep the body’s moisture away from it. They are referred to as breathable fabrics because they help the body to remain cool without being overheated.

Narrow Down Your Design Options

The most significant features of custom team apparel are design and materials. Styles, colors, designs, and materials come in several permutations. Because uniform design and style are mostly dictated by sport and age, always choose the most appropriate options, and narrow down the possibilities.

Choose a fabric that is both comfortable and durable for better basketball performance. Also, the color you choose should express your squad’s spirit, so choose wisely.

Consider Graphics

Teams have the option of stitching or dyeing inscriptions and designs onto their uniforms to personalise them. Sewn-on designs and letters have a more professional appearance and are more durable. On the other hand, a new design approach allows the graphics to be dyed directly onto the cloth, eliminating the need for further steps.

When dye technology is used, the graphics are less likely to fall off the garment. Customisable basketball jerseys are manufactured using either method have a professional appearance and provide more design options than traditional custom basketball jerseys.

Have the Right Color Scheme

Before ordering customisable basketball jerseys, decide on the color scheme you desire. The color is crucial since it serves as a visual representation of your team. However, if your club is participating in a league tournament, you should take the league requirements into consideration when selecting a color scheme. Many leagues and tournaments require teams to adhere to specific rules to avoid teams from wearing the same colors as one another.

Prioritise Comfort

If a player is not comfortable with his or her sleeves, he or she is more likely to underperform on the field. Discomfort might make it difficult to concentrate, which can result in poor performance.

In addition, certain apparel can limit the movement of the players, such as tops with sleeves. As a result, you should avoid wearing any sportswear — whether it’s tops or bottoms — that will make the players feel pain and perspire excessively.

Check out for Personal Inputs

It’s not a bad idea to solicit feedback from your staff. They are the finest judges when it comes to determining which outfits will allow for fluid mobility while also being the most comfortable. Inquire as to whether they would prefer to wear a custom made basketball jersey with sleeves or not. Inquire about color recommendations or anything else that would be useful in deciding on the design of your sports team uniform.

The most important thing to look for in high-quality customisable basketball jerseys is that they accurately represent the overall image of your team while also assisting your players in their performance.

Check the Sizes

Look at the size charts that are available for each item before purchasing. Inquire with the athletes about the size they are now wearing and the size they desire. Ask the player to ensure that you correctly wrote down the size they prefer before submitting your purchase to the manufacturer. This will save you a lot of aggravation when you’re handing out the uniforms and everyone rushes to put them on immediately afterward.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Customisable Basketball Jerseys

Customisable basketball jerseys are the simplest approach to increase the players’ confidence and attitude.

A team’s uniform says a lot about its members. Apart from their names, it represents their identity. There are various aspects that go into an athlete’s performance, whether it’s on a professional or recreational level. Talent, fitness, and drive of the players and coaches are equally as vital as a strong sense of team identity and spirit especially in the game of basketball.

One of the most oldest and popular team sport all over the world, basketball has a huge platform when it comes to exposure and influence and elite players are regarded highly which they must uphold and make sure that they perform their best.  One of the oldest and most effective ways to generate team spirit is through customisable basketball jerseys. Matching athletic t-shirts, warm-up garments, sweatpants, hoodies, and other items could be included.

Continue reading to learn some advantages and disadvantages of having customisable basketball jerseys.



When you plan on making basketball jerseys, you’re creating a garment that can be worn by almost anyone. People may enjoy or despise the design of tees, but they do not like or dislike the garment itself. People may argue that they dislike wearing sweaters, perhaps even trousers, but never a T-shirt.


It’s no surprise that nearly every team and/or brand has an official sports apparel bearing their logo. These customisable basketball jerseys outlive any other printed material and can reach an audience you wouldn’t otherwise be able to reach.


While different procedures have distinct requirements, custom team uniform is a simple process in general. You’ll only need a design, the material, and a printing method.


Customisable basketball jerseys make great giveaway and gifts because most people can and will wear them.


Jerseys are extremely adaptable clothing, allowing you to customize them in almost any way you can imagine. Not only can they create excellent print canvases, but they can also be easily altered by cutting or adding material.



Despite some corporations’ efforts to combat it, the apparel sector remains one of the most polluting in the world. Even if you opt to print your own apparel at home, there’s no guarantee that the jersey you’re using as a base was made in a sustainable manner.


Yes, it may appear like I am contradicting myself here, but unfortunately, no print will endure indefinitely. There are high-quality printing procedures that provide a long-lasting design, but even they will fade over time.


This usually refers to when a jersey is used as a promotional item. Jerseys will only have an influence on people who are within viewing range, unlike the internet, which can reach a global audience in a matter of seconds. While it is true that you could submit a photograph of a jersey to the internet, the chances of it receiving a significant number of views without paid advertising are small.


Customisable basketball jerseys printing, as previously stated, is a simple process, but that does not negate the need for planning. Printing, especially when done in quantity, necessitates a well-organized process. Orders must be placed, vendors must be contacted, and the design must be finalized.


Depending on your ultimate goal, your jersey may struggle to stand out among the millions and millions of others on the market. Jerseys may now be printed by anyone and their mother, and at a low cost, thanks to internet printing businesses. It’s not going to be easy to communicate a message or get people to notice your brand.


Being valued

The ideal way to forge a strong team identity is to customize or personalize the design of your team’s jerseys. Most effective and simplest way to start is by drawing inspiration from your team name. your jersey design can bring this team name into reality. There is no bad choice when you are customizing a uniform for your team. The great part about it is that everyone gets to have their own personal input on the final product, just as everyone plays a role on the team. Putting on the newly made ones for the first time will feel a strong sense of team identity.


Functionalization is a prime aspect of sportswear. Making sure the apparel that they are using does not constrict them from movement or become a hindrance in their performance is a mandatory. These also applies to every apparel an athlete uses, from warm-up sweatshirts to socks and other sports accessories they need to use. Logo sizes, numbers, font size of names and numbers are all pre-determined and are mandatory to be followed.


Motivation is the very spirit of every player. Representing your school, university, state or country gives them a sense of pride and privilege, boosts confidence and give their best to win. It motivates them to perform better, not just for themselves but, for the whole group.


Choosing the same 5 color patterns and team names when designing the jerseys will have an effect of making the team invisible, unremarkable, and unmemorable. Nobody is going to be drawn to watch your team play unless they already know something about them.

Custom made jersey can attract a lot of attention for your team or club. Some people might even be influenced to join your team and many will at least be curios to learn more. Though popularity does not directly give you more points in the game, it certainly does not hurt you by attracting top talent and raising your team’s profile.


The golden rule of a Team sport is “No team match is won alone”. The team is above each individual and the uniform helps invigorate that belief, irrespective of who they are and where they come from as an individual. It helps reduce prejudices that people might have which positively affects the performance of the team.


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