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Creating your own merch is a lot of fun, and it’s also a great way to promote yourself or your business! If you want to learn how to make custom apparel for your own brand’s merch, then this blog post is for you. Let’s go over the importance of branding, the advantages of having merchandise, and how to design your own custom apparel!

Why Is Branding Important?

Are you wondering about the importance of branding to your business? Whether you’re a one-man business, an influencer, a YouTube channel owner, a streamer that monetizes through merch, or a large enterprise — branding is important! It can help make your viewers recognize or remember you more easily.

Here are some of the benefits of effective branding:

#1 Your brand can communicate a clear message to your audience.

#2 Stand out from competitors by highlighting why you’re unique.

#3 You’ll be more memorable and easier for viewers or customers to find in search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing (Google is currently dominant with 63% of searches).

Sometimes, a fun way to promote your brand is through having your own branded merchandise.

A branded merchandise is simply any goods or product that has your logo or any of your brand’s identity on it. The easiest most common way to do this is through designing custom apparel with your own logo on it.

Advantages of Having Your Own Merchandise

If you feel like it’s time for something new or wants an opportunity to make more money with less effort, then getting your own merch is the way to go! Not only will it become a new stream of income for your business, but it’s also a fun way to promote your brand.

Here are some of the advantages of getting your own merchandise.

#1 You’ll have a new stream of income.

You’ll be able to create a new way of making money with less effort. All you need is to have a cool design for your own merch, add your own brand’s logo, and then put it on your existing stores or feature it on your brand’s website!

#2 It’s cheaper than other marketing methods.

Most marketing methods require you to spend dollars on ad spend, or you need to spend a fortune on TV ads. With custom apparel, you can have the same effect for much less money!

#3 It’s unique and can easily stand out.

With social media and websites bombarded with ads begging for attention, many people have turned numb and immune. Branded custom apparel as merch is unique. Hence, it can easily stand out to the eyes of many.

#4 It’s a fun way to promote your brand.

There are literally unlimited ways to design your brand’s merch. That makes it fun. If you’re tired of the traditional method of churning out ads or giving away flyers, then branded merch is perfect for you.

#5 Let your customers do the promoting of your own brand.

Every time they wear your branded custom apparel, you promote your brand without cost or effort. It’s them who does the promoting.

Imagine this, your customer wears your custom apparel. He or she heads out to walk on the street to meet a couple of friends. But on the way, he or she bumps into a couple of people. They notice the branding on the custom apparel — and voila! You’ve got more eyes on your brand.

Custom Apparel Can Help With Your Merch

Custom apparel proves to be a very good way to promote your brand. Custom apparels can be custom teamwear, custom tshirts, custom hoodies, and custom caps. They are practical. That means people buy them to use in day to day life. That makes them in-demand and easier to sell. And because people use them in their day to day life, more people see this merch and gain awareness for your brand.

Let’s discuss each type of custom apparel.

Custom teamwear

custom apparel sportswear

If your brand happens to be related to physical activity, getting fit, or sports, then custom teamwear might be a great choice for merch. This kind of merch also works well if your target market is fond of sports.

Custom tshirts

Custom tshirts can be worn anywhere. Your customers can wear them at the gym, going out, meeting friends, and just about any activity. They’re cheaper and easier to prepare as well. That makes them a great merch choice.

Custom hoodies

custom hoodies

Everyone loves custom hoodies. They’re warm. They’re fuzzy and they’re stylish! They’re also one of the most common merch used by many brands. They’re perfect for the cold seasons, and for those who like to stay warm at night.

Custom caps

Custom caps are worn on heads, hence the brand logo can be easily seen. That’s what makes them great merch choices. They can be worn anywhere. They’re also available in a variety of colours and styles, so they’ll always look great on anyone who wears them.

Other Merch Ideas For Your Brand!

Curious for more merch ideas to promote your brand? Here are some of them!

Custom Stickers

Turn your logo and your tagline into stickers! That way, your customers can have fun putting them on any flat surface — whether it’s their drawers, notebooks, and walls.

Custom Patches

Let them patch your brand’s identity onto their bags and denim jackets! Patches are a great way to remind your audience about your brand.

Need a Custom Apparel For Your Own Merch?

Having your own brand’s merch offers many benefits such as adding a new stream of income for your business. They’re also a great way to build brand awareness. Whether you’re looking for custom apparel, custom stickers and custom patches, we’re ready to provide you with any merch material that you need! Send us a message to inquire now.