A varsity jacket epitomizes elegance and status unlike anything else. Varsity jacket has somehow managed to maintain its charm and flair while perhaps becoming more popular in recent years. Custom varsity jackets, however, is at least a hundred times cooler than a regular one. With the added individuality of a personalized varsity jacket, you’ll undoubtedly be standing out in the crowd.

Custom varsity jacket Australia provides high-quality materials, a huge selection of customizing options, colors, and inclusive sizing options to its consumers. They have templates that you can use to tweak and create your desired custom varsity jackets.

If you want to up your varsity jacket game below us a rundown on how you can design your very own varsity jacket.


1. Visualize the style and the material for your custom jackets


For the body of your custom varsity jackets below are the materials you can choose from:

Polyester Satin :  A soft, cozy jacket is created from a synthetic polyester and satin that is opulently smooth and silky.
Melton Wool : Melton Wool is a type of thick, sturdy wool that is unquestionably one of most waterproof materials on this list and is a great option for outerwear like varsity jackets.
Cowhide Leather : Cowhide leather is thick and water resistant, making it a wonderful
Cotton fleece : Cotton fleece is a breathable and hypoallergenic, making it a wonderful option for people with sensitive skin.
Cotton twill : Cotton twill is a heavyweight, thick fabric that is perfect for constructing jackets. It is also incredibly durable and simple to maintain.


The sleeves of your jacket will be crafted of the same material as the body of your jacket if you selected any of the materials specified above.

For the sleeves of your custom varsity jackets you can choose if you want a set-in sleeve or a raglan. A set-in sleeve has a shoulder seam that wraps completely around the jacket arm. Compared to raglan sleeves, it has a more polished and official appearance. While a raglan style uses a single, continuous piece of fabric that runs from the jacket’s collar to the underarm. Due to the larger underarm fitting, the jacket is more comfortable and breathable, especially when worn over layers. A set-in sleeve is more formal and dressier than this style.


Choose between a jacket with buttons or a zip-up closure. The choice between the two is primarily a matter of preference because the names pretty well explain themselves. Custom varsity jackets with zippers create a tighter, more complete seal, which increases warmth. While less functional and effective than their zipped counterparts, buttoned jackets have a charming quality that gives your outfit a more vintage feel. For added convenience, you can add a flap if you decide to add buttons to your jacket.


The banded waist and wristbands for your custom varsity jackets will have this pattern. Knits are available in five different designs: plain, single line, single line with border, two lines, and two lines with border.


You have a choice of cotton, polyester satin, or quilted lining for the interior of your custom varsity jackets. Polyester satin is thick, strong, and warm, while quilted lining is hefty and unquestionably the coziest. Cotton is arguably the most breathable material; in addition to feeling soft on your skin, it also offers warmth without adding bulk to the jacket.

2. Color your custom varsity jackets

The majority of varsity jackets have two colors, but you can design yours with more. However, we don’t advise utilizing more than three colors; the more straightforward, the better. Varsity jackets have historically been created in the colors of the wearer’s high school, college, or organization. You could want to think about making the body of your jacket the primary color from your company’s logo while using the secondary color for the sleeves. You can’t go wrong with white sleeves if you don’t have a secondary color. The colors for your custom varsity jackets’ buttons/zipper, pockets, interior lining, knit base, knit lines, knit border, and, if you’ve chosen a hood design, the colors inside and outside your hood, must all be picked in addition to the body and sleeves.

3. Think of designs to put on your custom varsity jackets

The fun part comes once you’ve finished the technical aspects of designing your custom varsity jackets. Let your creativity shine as you embellish your jacket with typography, varsity badges, and patches. Unleash your inner artist!


The name of your college or organization can be typed directly in the center and will be emphasized. Just make sure you provide the font you want and ask the maximum amount of characters to the people who will work on your custom varsity jackets. You can also opt to adjust the appearance such that it is in a straight line or an arc.


You can display any academic, athletic, symbol or commemorative patches you may have in the pockets.


Usually, this is where the graduation year or the school/college logo appears.


You get your name from this. The choices are the same as they were for front center.


This is typically where the mascot of your school or group is displayed. You can submit your own logo or add a name or symbol here as well.


This is where your team name will be showed.

4. Specify the size of your custom varsity jackets

For the final step, choose the size that your custom varsity jackets. Check out their site or ask the people who will work on your jackets about their available size.