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It cannot be denied how sportswear has not only become fashionable, but has become a staple in our everyday outfits. Hoodies, sneakers, and leggings are some of the custom sportswear you can practically pull off at home, for casual wear, and of course, for your daily workout session. High fashion designs produced by big brands come with even bigger price tags, showing just how custom design sportswear is now able to dominate as a fashion trend. But how exactly did your favorite footwear go from tennis shoes to everyday sneakers? How did polo shirts start to become fashionable outside the court? 

It dates back to 20th century New York, when a sports apparel company by the Feinbloom brothers was started. They introduced a sweatshirt as a form of protection for working outdoors, which became a favorite among athletes as it provides warmth before and after training. This custom sports attire was transformed further to be more effective at trapping body heat: they added a hood.


custom sweatshirts


College athletes mainly strutted with hoodies before and after training, until some started to show off this sportswear off-campus. It started getting popular by this time, when even non-athletes favored the snug functionality and cool look of hoodies. By the 1970s, certain groups adapted the hoodie as a symbol of unconventional and unorthodox views. Since then, it has become the single custom sports clothing that became the first trend to enter the fashion industry.

Now, the hoodie has become a common trend, making rounds in both casual streetwear and high fashion. Besides hoodies, tracksuits, yoga pants, puffer jackets, and your favorite sneakers, are some of the other clothing trends that paved the way for sportswear domination.

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