Custom sports team apparel is arguably one of the fastest and most sought out product for the past 5 years. Team sports have been bigger and more popular than ever. The rise of sports celebrities and their fame has been influential in shaping custom sports team apparel today. Since summer is already here and with covid restrictions finally relaxing, tournaments are already planned in the corner which means that custom team sportswear will be the main focus of production this time. With that said, there are new trends of 2022 for custom sports team apparel, and we will tell you all about them.




Particularly in light of the present pandemic, the boundary between traditional gym attire and casual wear is becoming less evident. More options are being offered by the sports apparel business, allowing wearers to seamlessly move between leisure and activity. This trend has been called “Athleisure” by some in the business, and now includes yoga pants, jogger trousers, tank tops, sports bras, and hoodies. Customers want to pare down their wardrobes and buy key pieces of clothing that can be worn in a variety of situations.



With the rise of the athleisure trend, the 90s are making a comeback in the custom sports team apparel industry. In addition, according to athletic clothing specialists, 90s athletic wear has a sentimental appeal for the millennial demographic. Lightweight and breathable crop tops and leggings with modern twists on traditional styles are popular among women.

The color-blocked windbreaker jacket is another re-emerging 90s item. Many companies, including Columbia, are now offering windbreakers that pay homage to the 1990s. Athletic wear brands are experimenting with bigger and irregularly fitting clothing for guys. Hoodies with huge logos and bright track coats have also resurfaced in popularity.



This year, one-piece workout wear including bodysuits, leotards, catsuits and custom tracksuits Australia saw an 83 percent surge in sales. More ladies are wearing head-to-toe spandex ensembles instead of leggings. This fashion has been promoted by celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez and Alessandra Ambrosio. Other indie companies have picked up on the trend and are also selling bodysuits with a more appealing style. This trend is divisive for many women: you either love it or you detest it.



The athletic apparel industry’s big brands are shifting and creating new products to accommodate customers of all sizes. Customers expect businesses to demonstrate their commitment to diversity and inclusion. Fashercise, for example, has embraced a “curve” brand, while other larger brands have increased the size of sports clothes available.

Plus size and tiny labels are being phased out by more clothing companies. This trend also includes the appearance of more diverse clothing models which is why custom sports team apparel are the sought-out option when it comes to making a more diverse custom team sportswear.



With advancements in clothes manufacturing technologies, manufacturers can provide their customers with more customization and smart apparel. Customers have the option of customizing their products on websites. Nike is a market leader in this area, allowing customers to create their own pair of personalized sneakers from a variety of options.

Smart apparel is also becoming more mainstream, allowing customers to track their health and wellness. Some smart clothing can track the wearer’s movements while they are wearing it. Technology is also being used to generate better garment recommendations based on the tastes of the buyer. Lululemon is a pioneer in the sports wear business when it comes to the introduction of smart clothes.



Unisex apparel is becoming more popular, especially in the form of street fleeces and jogging pants. Leggings and bicycle shorts are becoming more popular among males, while jogging pants are becoming more popular among women. Sweatshirts and fleeces for women are frequently worn with joggers when the sleeves are still baggy. Supreme, for example, is known for developing activewear with short product lifespans in order to promote exclusivity and increase demand.



While some people prefer basic colors for activewear, the trend for prints and patterns is growing in the custom sports team apparel department. Modern manufacturing innovations have enabled futuristic prints to bend, move, and withstand the rigors of modern athletes. From geometrical designs to camouflage, all-over graphics, and holographic patterns, activewear is looking back while simultaneously pushing forward in numerous ways.



For years, sustainability has shaped products, so it’s no wonder that it’s now making its way into sporting apparel. People have been looking for more sustainable solutions that are less destructive to the environment during the previous few years, and this trend is expected to continue beyond 2020. Instead of utilizing petroleum-based plastics, manufacturers are looking for alternative, sustainable materials, particularly in the footwear industry.



The years we have been in business is only one of the proofs how much we care for our clients and how we adapt to the constant change of the sports clothing industry. We make sure we are well equipped and updated with all the newest trends so that our current and future clients have the option to have it or not. If you want to know more about the services we offer, check out our website or contact us so we can assist you better.