The region around the neck presents an unexpectedly large number of design and team identity choices when creating custom hockey uniforms. The name has persisted even though hockey uniforms are no longer thick wool clothing meant for playing outside on frozen ponds for hours at a time, so if you spend enough time around a hockey rink, you’re likely to hear some old-timers refer to a hockey uniform as a “sweater.” In addition to the name, other elements from those modern uniforms now feature vintage hockey sweaters, especially for teams seeking for a retro vintage look. When creating custom hockey uniforms for your team, you’ll have to make some decisions about the following elements.

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Hockey’s most recognizable uniform feature is neck laces. The laces on hockey players’ skates are obviously taken very seriously, but what about the laces on their uniform? In the past, neck laces had a useful function: they gave the player a big enough neck opening so they could put the sweater over any outer layers and basic protective gear they were wearing, and they also let them tighten the neck to keep them warm. Neck laces today are simply decorative.

Modern hockey uniforms are designed to disperse heat rather than trap it. Modern hockey jerseys are designed to let heat out rather than keep it in. Performance textiles, like those used in other sports, are used to make hockey uniforms. While the teamwear is designed to be breathable and loose in order to allow for free movement and moisture removal, players who need to stay warm can wear performance undershirts to keep the heat in. Neck laces and other accessories aren’t necessary for protection, but they do give players a retro look that harkens back to the all-guts, no-glory days of pond hockey.

What color laces to select is a decision that must be made if you choose to add neck laces to your custom hockey uniforms. Some clubs choose to use contrast colors for their laces, while others choose to match the color of the jersey’s main body. To make sure there are no restrictions on neck laces or the total number of colors you can have on your custom hockey teamwear, check with your league’s uniform guidelines.


Your custom hockey uniforms should be customized in the neck area. You also have the choice of a variety of styles and colors in addition to neck laces. The majority of hockey shirts have a V-neck, whether they have neck laces or not. A “squared V-neck,” a cross between a crew neck and a V-neck, has been used on certain recent National Hockey League jerseys (and a few soccer kits), however, this design has not been well received, and there are differing viewpoints among hockey fans and uniform enthusiasts.

Similar to the neck laces, trim offers an additional chance to incorporate a contrasting accent. The main body of the custom hockey uniforms contrasts with the neck trim, which is typically one of the team’s major colors. Usually, the custom made sportswear neck trim color can be seen in other places, such as the sleeve stripes or the gussets under the arms. In order to create a seamless line of color from sleeve to sleeve while mirroring the colors and pattern at the bottom of the jersey. With an underlay, the neck region of custom hockey uniforms can be emphasized even more.

Each of these characteristics will increase the final cost of your custom hockey uniform, as will others like underarm gussets and weighted hems. When creating custom hockey teamwear, keep your budget in mind so you can balance the aesthetic with the price.


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Custom hockey uniforms are a fantastic method to support your preferred team or to uphold the principles of your own organization. Custom hockey teamwear are significant items of athletic clothing that also allow teams to differentiate themselves from one another. Whether worn as a uniform or a sweater, the colors and patterns of a professional ice hockey uniform design are crucial. Select one of the many design templates we offer. Each design can be customized based on the color scheme used by your team. No worries if you don’t like any of the templates! If you let us know what you need, we can create a custom design for you with ease.. We offer free design services with as many revisions as needed until you are completely satisfied. Our clients’ needs and requests come first, so you can trust that we’ll complete their tasks accurately and on time.

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